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Bienvenue au site web de l’École Elizabeth Barrett


We are a vibrant learning community, which values the uniqueness of all learners; parents, staff members and students.

Nous sommes une communauté d’apprenants qui valorise les qualités donc chaque membre; parents, membre du personnel et élèves emmènent et partagent, afin de créer une communauté vivante.

Together we fulfill our mission “to foster meaningful learning; awakening and nurturing learners to achieve personal excellence in a safe and caring environment”.

Our dedicated and caring staff members encourage all individuals to do their best, to be thoughtful, reflective and active lifelong learners.  All staff members take responsibility for the children in our care and understand the importance of teaching and modeling how to be civically engaged and environmentally responsible individuals for our Cochrane community as well as for the larger global community.

We are privileged to have an active parent community, which supports our ongoing commitment to providing our students with meaningful, rich and challenging learning opportunities.  Parents take an active role in numerous aspects of our learning community; from volunteering at the school, accompanying students on out of school learning excursions, sharing their expertise with students as guest speakers or working with them on special projects, to being active school council members.

Together we are nurturing and guiding our future citizens to develop essential 21st century skills that will enable them to "Be the Seeds of Change”.

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