About Elizabeth Barrett

Introductory Information

École Elizabeth Barrett School is a dual track school serving both English and French Immersion students from kindergarten through grade four in Cochrane and the surrounding rural areas. In addition to English and French Immersion, programming is provided for a number of students with diverse learning needs (learning disabilities, English Language Learners, complex needs, etc.). Our partner schools in the tri-school area include École Manachaban Middle School, which offers Grades six through eight and Cochrane High School, which offers Grades Nine through Twelve.

Vision Statement

At École Elizabeth Barrett Elementary School, our community of learners will be empowered in a safe environment on their “Learning for Life” journey.  Each individual’s personal and academic growth will be challenged and supported.  A strong partnership will exist between children, parents, staff and community EBSchoolPhotowhich enhances communication and promotes collaboration and teamwork.  All members of the school community will endeavour to respect the diversity that students and adults bring to the English and French Immersion programs.  Ongoing professional development, planning and implementation of the curriculum will lead to the pursuit of teaching and learning excellence.  A multi-faceted technology enhanced environment will provide learning connections to the future.

Belief Statement

We believe that:

  • Our school reflects the unique needs of the community it serves
  • Each student, parent and staff member is a unique and valued member of our school community
  • Personal excellence is promoted in an environment that encourages individuals to do their best
  • Mutual respect and support enhance learning
  • Everyone is a thoughtful and reflective learner and everyone is a teacher in the lifelong process of learning
  • Student learning and personal development is maximized in a learning environment that is safe, caring, and respectful.
  • Students need to be actively involved in their own learning
  • A child-centered, inquiry approach promotes meaningful learning of the curriculum for students
  • Teachers and parents work together to provide connections and continuity in learning for students
  • A caring, committed staff is important to the development of the ‘whole’ child
  • All staff are mentors and models and have an impact on student learning
  • A staff that values teamwork is effective
  • Ongoing professional development promotes excellence in teaching and learning
  • Learning in a community is enhanced when there is shared responsibility between parents, students and staff

Unique Features

  • Located on a tri-school site
  • Dual-track, providing a rich language environment
  • Emphasis on civic, social and environmental stewardship; encompassing the development of characteristics of citizenship
  • Focus on excellence for each learner; variety of learning experiences offered beyond core curriculum (community projects, fine arts, diverse physical education program, hands-on active learning, inquiry-based learning)
  • Focus on 21st Century Learning for students including; Understanding by Design, Universal Design for Learning, and Assessment for Learning with increasing involvement of students in self-assessment (i.e. Student-Led Conferences, portfolios)
  • Teachers work collaboratively in teams to implement research-based pedagogical practices, sharing within the school and with other Rocky View Schools
  • Strong emphasis on partnership and communication with parents regarding student learning

Quotes from Parent Advocates

“The Literacy Tutor Program at Elizabeth Barrett implemented and supported by the teachers and administration which involved parent and community volunteers, is amazing in its success. Seeing students, who previously were not at all keen on reading, learn to enjoy and gain confidence in their reading skills was a heart expanding experience.”

“Elizabeth Barrett School focuses on the school as an extension of a family unit. Family groupings and themes such as "Caring Critters" provide each student with an opportunity to interact with a variety of grade levels in both French and English, to support and show compassion for others in their school community and to grow within a safe and caring environment.”

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