Lunch Program

Students who ride the buses to school eat their lunches at school and are supervised during the lunch period. Our lunch facilities are limited and therefore,whenever possible, students within walking distance should eat their lunches at

Since it can be a very long time from breakfast until lunch time, students are permitted to have a snack mid-morning. We encourage that this be a nutritious snack. Please do not send pop to school for snack time or lunch. Glass containers should also be avoided as breakage is a safety hazard.

Students eat in their classrooms daily and their desks are cleaned after lunch. In an effort to be more responsible to our environment, we request that when possible, reusable containers be used. We also encourage students to recycle their juice boxes. It is a good idea for students to bring a napkin in their lunch (cloth preferable) or a place mat which is easily cleaned and can go to and from school in a backpack.

Kindergarten Snacks

Since the Kindergarten program is a half-day program; Kindergarten children do not remain at school for lunch. However; each child is to bring his/her own nutritional snack to be eaten during a scheduled snack break. Juice or a water bottle may be included if desired. Snack time, besides being of nutritional value, allows for the development of many academic skills. Teachers may also use this time to discuss the nutritional values of the different food groups. Sorting, graphing and counting are among some of the Math activities that can also be incorporated into snack time.

*Kindergarten teachers ask that only one or two items be sent in order for the children to have enough time to eat their snack during the 10 minute snack break.

Food Allergies

We ask parents to inform their child(ren)`s classroom teacher if their child has a food allergy. In collaboration with the parents, the teacher and administration develop a medical protocol which includes eating arrangements for the child while they are at school.


Milk cards can be purchased at the office during recess. Cards
are $10 each for 12 purchases of white or chocolate milk. There is a limit of one
purchase per child per day. Proceeds from the food and beverage sales support special events and other student centred activities.

Special Food Lunches: Our School Council offers Special Food Fridays to Elizabeth Barrett students throughout the year. On Fridays, such items as wraps, pizza, subs will be offered. All orders must be made in advance. Orders can be completed online at or an order form can be picked up from the office if you do not have internet access.

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