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Parents are encouraged to come to the school and participate in our many educational opportunities. With prior arrangement with teachers, parents might wish to volunteer in the classrooms, or become involved as a school wide volunteer. Devoting time and energy toward developing a partnership generates a powerful learning environment. Our goal is to develop an effective method of contacting volunteers which allows every volunteer the opportunity to serve and use their talents. We work in collaboration with School Council to develop and maintain a vital network of parent volunteers.

When parents are directly involved in the educational process, two way communication between home and school is enhanced. Involved parents report they are more aware of what is happening at school. Research demonstrates that improvements occur when parents and educators cooperate: the self-esteem of children is enhanced and children’s motivation and achievement are increased. As a result of the thousands of hours parents contribute each year, we have a strong partnership here at École Elizabeth Barrett School.

Duties of Parent Volunteers

Parent Volunteers do not take the place of teachers. Rather, duties may include:

  • Giving instructional support, ie listening to students read, helping during centre time
  • Assisting with clerical tasks, audio-visual materials and special events or projects
  • Typing childrens stories and/or binding for publication (at home or in the workroom)
  • Contributing one’s own special talents whenever appropriate

Obligations of Parent Volunteers

So their assistance will be of the greatest benefit to students, teachers and
themselves, parent volunteers have certain obligations:

  • Volunteers must have an up to date criminal records check.  Parents can pick up a form up at the office or find it online here.   Forms and receipts need to be taken to Police Station.  There is $10 fee. The process takes about two weeks, but if they are in the process, parents can come to the office and sign an interim declaration stating that a police check is underway.
  • Volunteers must observe all school policies and regulations, and be aware
  • the teachers have the ultimate responsibility in the classroom and respect the
  • professional role and judgment of the teachers and school administration
  • Volunteers must hold all matters connected with the school in confidence, and protect the privacy of any personal information they have access to in the course of performing their volunteer duties as outlined under the FOIP volunteer form.
  • Volunteers should try to meet their commitment on a regular basis. This is important if teachers are depending on the assistance from the volunteers when planning activities.
  • Volunteers are asked to make alternate arrangements for younger siblings when they come to volunteer in the classrooms and when volunteering for field trips.

In order to ensure the safety and security of all students, we ask that all adults visiting or volunteering in the school to check in with the secretary prior to proceeding to a classroom. Volunteers and visitors are asked to sign in and to wear an identification tag during their time at the school. In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, all volunteers are required to sign a pledge of confidentiality before volunteering in the classrooms or in the school.

Our school has a 2-shoe policy. We respectfully ask that when parents are volunteering that they please remove outdoor footwear in the boot room.

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