Lost/Found and Personal/School Property Care


Students will lose articles of clothing, or personal belongings from time to time. We strongly encourage parents to label, with a permanent marked all items brought to school. With the large number of students, it is not possible for us to announce the loss of each article, nor to announce all the items found.

Generally, found items will be placed in the "lost and found‟ boxes and hangers in the north wing, where students should check if they are missing something. Items, which are obviously more valuable or would not easily be seen in the lost and found boxes (ie. Rings, watches, etc.) are to be handed into the office.

Each Kindergarten class has their own Lost and Found which is located inside each classroom. When in school, parents are encouraged to look through the various lost and found items.

Personal/School Property Care

Students are expected to use all school property carefully. “The School Board shall require the parent or guardian of any student who is responsible for damage to Divisional property to replace, or pay for, any property damaged or destroyed.  The Board may suspend any student who is responsible for the property damage until it is replaced or paid for.  The cost of repairs will be determined by the Supervisor of Maintenance and Caretaking and will include charges for both labour and materials”.

Expensive items such as electronic games, ipods, cellphones should not be brought to school. The school is not responsible for the loss of such items. If arrangements have been made with a bus driver for your child to use one of the above mentioned items during the bus ride, the item must remain secured at the bottom of your child's backpack the entire school day.  Students are encouraged to keep toys at home.  Children who bring toys to school to play with during recess are asked to check with the teacher before bringing these items to school.  Students are reminded that play items brought to school must be kept in their backpacks during instructional time.

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