Student Dress

A student‟s habits of dress and personal grooming reflect not only his/her attitude towards school but also are a reflection on the school itself.  For this reason, some clothing is not suitable for school, particularly T-shirts with suggestive or obscene words, clothing that does not cover the midriff or shorts and dresses that are very short. Please note that shoes with “heelies” are not permitted at school.

During the winter months, children will be playing outdoors frequently, therefore, warm clothing is necessary. Outdoor exercise and fresh air are beneficial to each student‟s health and well-being, and the outdoor activities are more enjoyable when the child is dressed properly.

Clearly mark your child’s clothing, footwear, lunch kits, etc. with your child’s name and grade.

Two shoe policy

In an ongoing attempt to keep the school clean and a pleasing atmosphere for all, we ask that upon entering the school the students remove their outdoor shoes and place them neatly on assigned boot racks. A second “indoor” pair of footwear with non-marking soles, preferably runners, is left at the school for inside use which includes Physical Education and routine activities. This inside pair is considered important for health reasons and in case of a fire or other emergencies where students may be required to hastily exit the building.

“Outdoor”shoes, overshoes, boots are not permitted in the school as day-to-day footwear. If your child must wear special shoes, please discuss this with your child’s teacher.  We ask that all visitors, volunteers, etc. respect our two shoe policy.

Kindergarten Clothing

The children will be going outside on a regular basis and should be dressed for active outdoor play. The children will require clothing that can be put on and taken off independently.  Not only does it make it much easier to get everyone in and out, it also helps build the child‟s self-esteem. Before the beginning of the school year, parents are encouraged to teach their child how to put boots on, do up their shoes, button or zip up their coats and be able to open and close their backpacks without help.

We respectfully request that all items sent to school including footwear and clothing be labelled with the child`s name. This avoids confusion, as many items look alike as well as provides the opportunity to teach children the importance of print.

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