Student Health


In the event of an accident, a staff member will bring the student to the infirmary for preliminary care. In cases of serious injuries, we make every attempt to contact the parents, guardians or the emergency contact before taking the child for medical care.

Please ensure that you have given the name of an emergency contact person in case you cannot be reached during the day. RSVD Policy Relating to Admini stering of Medicine to Students

Students with Medical Conditions and Allergies

We ask parents to inform their child(ren)`s classroom teacher if their child has a food allergy or a medical condition that requires monitoring during the year ie diabetes . In collaboration with the parents, the teacher and administration develop a medical protocol which outlines emergency contacts, on - going medical procedures that need to be followed ie having a snack at a certain time , as well as emergency procedures to follow if outside medical attention is required.

School Infirmary

Children who are unwell and unable to remain in class, or who have contracted a communicable disease will be required to be taken home or to a sitter upon notification of the parent. We have a small infirmary with one bed and an adjacent washroom that can accommodate a sick child while they wait for their parent to pick them up.

Informing the School of Communicable Diseases or Head Lice

Within our school population we have children whose immunity to diseases is compromised due to medical treatments they are currently undergoing or due to other medical conditions. As a school community we care for one another and take every precaution to ensure the safety of all students. We respectfully ask parents of children who have illnesses such as measles or mumps to inform the office directly at 932 - 3151 or when phoning the absence line at 932 - 6490 .

Head lice is a common occurrence in schools and is not considered a major health concern however, it is the expectation of the school that pa rents will inform their child`s teacher or the office when their child(ren) have head lice. Parents are also encouraged to contact our school nurse at the Cochrane Community Health Centre at 403 - 851 - 6130 . The other students in the affected classroom will receive a letter to take home indicating how to check for head lice and how to proceed with effective treatment. Children with head lice are able to return to school once the head lice have been treated. Cochrane

Community Health Centre

For information regarding school related health topics, visit the Cochrane Community Health Centre at

For 24/7 health advice, contact HEALTHLink Alberta 1 - 866 - 408 - 5465.

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