School Supply Lists

General school supplies such as paper, pencils, colouring markers, duo-tangs or
scribblers are provided by the school. The costs of these items are covered in part
through the yearly school fees paid by parents at the beginning of each school year.

The following items need to be purchased by parents:

  • A school bag or backpack to carry lunch containers, extra clothing, newsletters, Communication Bags, paintings, and other treasures to and from school each day. Please ensure your child‟s name is clearly printed on it and it is large enough to hold a 9” x 12” book. A full-sized backpack is more appropriate than a child-sized one.
  • A lunch kit or container to carry lunch and/or snacks.
  • One box of facial tissues at the beginning of the year.
  • A pair of non-marking indoor RUNNING SHOES (no dress shoes, no open toes or crocks. This request is to ensure your child‟s safety while participating in gym class.) Students must have two pairs of shoes - one pair for outside, one pair for inside. If your child must wear special shoes, please discuss this with your child‟s teacher.
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